Holistically Analyzing the Benefits of Green Infrastructure   

By: University of Maryland  |  October 2017

Guidance for Local Governments.


By: Texas Water Development Board  |  April 24, 2017

Follow this weekly report to learn what this weeks water and drought conditions look like in Texas, as well as the overall drought conditions in the US.


Stream Buffers

By: Tom Hegemier  |  February 2017

The sharpest tool in the stormwater management toolbox.


The Number of US Households That Can’t Afford Water Could Triple in Five Years

By: Kate Lunau  | January 17 2017

In the next five years, more households in the US risk being unable to pay for water. If rates keep rising as they're expected to do, the number of households that can't afford water might triple—reaching nearly 36 percent


EPA Updates Human Health Benchmarks for Pesticides in Drinking Water

By: United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)  |  January 2017

EPA has developed human health benchmarks for approximately 394 pesticides to help states, tribes and water systems better understand whether pesticides they may detect in drinking water or sources of drinking water may present a public health risk.


sampling and Analysis Resources for water contamination

By: United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)  |  January 2017

EPA Releases Guidance for Sampling and Field Testing During Water Contamination Incidents.


Texas Aquifer Study

By: Bech Bruun, Kathleen Jackson, Peter Lake, Jeff Walker  |  December 31, 2016

This recent Texas aquifer study covers groundwater quantity, quality, flow, and contributions to surface water.


A Field Manual for Groundwater-level Monitoring at the Texas Water Development Board

By: Texas Water Development Board  |  September 2016

The purpose of the TWDB’s water-level program is to gain representative information about static water levels in aquifers (water levels unaffected by recent or nearby pumping) throughout the state in order to support water planning from the local to a more regional perspective.


Flora and Fauna Year in Review (September 1, 2015 – August 31, 2016)

By: The Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority (GBRA) |  August 2016

A journey through flora and fauna of our basin. A comprehensive annual financial report.


Implementing Low-Impact Development

By: UTSA College of Architecture, Construction and Planning, San Antonio River Authority, and Edwards Aquifer Authority  |  July 2016

A Process for BMPs Site Selection.


Watershed Stewardship for the Edwards Aquifer Region

By: Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance  |  June 2014

This manual is intended to ll a gap in the stormwater management measures that currently protect the Edwards Aquifer in Central Texas.  

Storm water Management Can Be “Green” Too

By: Water blogue | March 2014

A discussion about the benefits of dispersed green stormwater management systems, highlighting work of Dr. Katherine Lieberknecht of UT School of Architecture and Tom Hegemeier of Doucet and Associates.

EPA Releases Sampling Guidance for Unknown Contaminants in Drinking Water

By: United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

The guidance covers the collection, storage, preservation and transport of potentially contaminated water samples and provides recommendations for better supporting the detection and identification of many types of contaminants in drinking water.


NOAA’s Billion-Dollar Weather and Climate Disasters Mapping

By: NOAA National Centers of Environmental Information 

Use this interactive event frequency and cost mapping tool below to better visualize the spatial dimensions of Billion-dollar weather and climate events.